Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Critics

My assistant for all things to do with paper printed out all the Lagerfeld Confidential reviews last year and placed them in a plastic bag. I was tempted to burn them- they don't matter anyway, or throw them out the window and into the street.

Today though, I looked through a few and frankly I was a little amazed at how stupid the world has become. These reviewers seem to think I'm lonely. I am not lonely. Loneliness is for people who have nothing better to do, hm? I am too busy for loneliness. Loneliness is for those who live in their past. Maybe the reviewers fear the present, preferring to stick with Citizen Kane.

Of course this film wasn't good. I was followed by a simpering person who adored me and didn't push me. And it looked like a home video tape. There was no questions, hmmm?

How stupid everyone is. If I wasn't "superficial" I would be depressed.

For the record, I'm not superficial. I read books, I have a ponytail. See that finger on chin? (they wanted me to frown but I said that would cause frown lines). It means I'm thinking. Deep thoughts.

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