Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Bore

Anna chimed in at the party last nigh with the suggestion that I should dress as a superhero at the Costume Institute Ball this year. (She never tends to stay longer than 15 minutes. Not because she is busy- that's an excuse. What happens is she starts drinking one glass of wine then another then another then get the drift, yes? Her lips become loose. She starts acting human).
I said "but I am a superhero, hm? There's no Superman or Batman now, only me."
At this Donatella started screaming in that horrible voice of hers, "Nooooooo! I AM A SUPERHERO! I AM WONDER-WOMAN!". (Feel sorry for her staff who have to listen to this all day). She then ran round the room pretending to fly and eventually crashed into a wall.

Oh, Donatella.

Anna was still giggling away 5 hours later, when everyone had gone home (I was taking photos. I do like to take photos of the young people.) She was sitting there by herself, in a chair, at a table.
Giggling. "I'm a SUPPPER HERO!..........Supper hero!........SUPPER!!!....TO RESCUE........TO THE RESCUE".
This is why she doesn't like parties.

Overall the party was a bore.

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