Friday, April 25, 2008


As I said before, I had a diet Pepsi. Normally I will have Diet Coke but I had drunken all that.
I was most displeased. I had my chef order in a few crates of Coke afterwards. (I think one should always have one or two chefs around, it's much easier than having to eat out and smell food. My own chef concocts the most interesting variations on the paste I eat. I don't eat anything else. Eating is a habit to be avoided, hm?)

I am quite liking this blogging thing, because it means I can broadcast my thoughts without having to go out of my house. I hate going places. There's all these commoners. I hate the commoners, they are so dirty, hmm? And they try to touch me with their sticky germy fingers. Horrible.

I had Anna (Wintour) visit me today whilst I was taking photographs. She is like the Queen Bee of fashion, no? (Lindsay once made me watch a film of hers, "Mean Girls". Anna is like Regina George from that film. Apart from she doesn't get much sex, poor girl). She's always dealing- today she was telling me that I should look at some American designer to be head designer at Chanel when I die.
I told Anna that I am not going to die and that this American designer who I'm not going to name cannot design. She tried to slap me then, Anna is not used to being snubbed. I've heard stories about her slapping Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Phillip Lim. The designers have nightmares about her. But I am the real Queen Bee in fashion.

Anna's been for the last half hour trying to apologize. I think she learnt a lesson, hmmmm?

Love, Karl

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OMG, best blog ever!