Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pencil Stolen!

The last few days have been hell, hm? I am not joking. You see, I lost my pencil- that's why I haven't been updating this. I only write blog entries in pencil for an assistant to type up, and only this one pencil. Nothing else is satisfactory.

So I couldn't write blog entries. I couldn't even design. I sat outside my window and watched the young people do their thing while a taskforce of everyone at Chanel in Paris looked for the pencil. I do like watching the young people. I didn't eat, I didn't move.

I think this pencil has special powers, to be honest. When I tell people this they just go "oh Karl, you are so crazzzzzy" and laugh. Like I'm making a joke. I can't tell you what those special powers are because then they wouldn't be special, would they now?

They're pretty good, though. Trust uncle Karl.

Anyway, someone finally found it today. I'm pretty sure an operative of some rival company tried to steal it now that I'm not throwing out old sketches for them to steal. Like they could work my pencil!

So I'm having the security around here tightened up. Nobody gets in or out without my approval, hmmm?

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