Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talking Clothes

You know, Jane's best friends are clothes. She told me so.
We were hanging upside down in the closet today and I said "Jane, do you ever talk to your clothes?"
And she said "Yes. They're my best friends."
"Oh you are like me, aren't you?"
"Of course"
Then the Junya jacket spoke up and said "Jane, want to wear me today?"
"Mm...Maybe. I thought you wanted to go to that Ball with the Comme des Garcons top?"
"Yeah...but I think that plan might be off" said that said the jacket.
"Ah", says Jane.
"I love you" I said to Jane and then I felt hands started to sweat in my little leather fingerless glove; what was this sensation I was feeling? Is it chic?
The Tom Ford suit I was wearing said "Yes, it is chic Karl!" It's so enthusiastic.

I thought back to that time where I ate a potato chip with my dear friend Patsy; how did I feel then?
I felt GUILTY.
But Jane talks to her clothes, so surely this......"love" is chic?
Gosh, her best friends are her it's chic.

Of course it's chic. Love for people who talk to their clothes; and whose best friends are their clothes is chic.
I am Karl, therefore I am chic.
See that? Philosophy, right there.


-h of candid cool said...

chic indeed

Mo said...

if you talk to your shoes too...does that count?

Anonymous said...

hahah great post! :)

La C

ann said...

are you aware that potato chips are not only food, but contain OIL? what were you thinking? do you know what oil does to your figure, not to mention fabric!

also, you eat them with your hands. do you know how un-chic touching non-chanel things is? I know chanel does not make chips, karl.

mani said...

maybe chanel should make chips. without oil, or calories and no fat. they'd be like the anti-chip

Piece by Peace said...

haha you make me laugh.