Monday, October 27, 2008

Karl you got it goin' on

Anna: Karl?
Karl: Yes?
Anna: Your last post...I think you showed a bit of emotion in it?
Karl: A little.
Anna: It happens to the best of us
Karl: I think I had 14 followers, hmm?
Anna: And?
Karl: Now I have 13
Anna: So?
Karl: Unlucky number
Anna: Let's throw those plastic cupcakes at people
Karl: Could you....lace my coke?
Anna: Anything for you Karl


Vidal said...

No Karl!

Do not partake in the Anna-Cola! You do not know where those chic, but wrinkled fingers have been. Ask Brad, be just might know.

Mo said...

karl does have it going on... but Jane, she is very chic...

water said...

Anything for you Karl

Anonymous said...

Oh Uncle Karl, that 14th follower might have been me, I cleared my following list on blogger and started a new one on bloglovin', where you come first of place.

Anyway 13 is quite a chic number, I hear Lily Donaldson consumes exactly 13 calories per day and look where thats gotten her.

Air kisses. x