Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Am I Demode?"

Karl: Hello there, little Jimmy.
Jimmy: Hey Uncle Karl!
Karl: I hear you want to know if you're demode or not, hmm?
Jimmy: Gosh gee, yeah
Karl: Well Jimmy, why aren't you wearing a Chanel skirt?
Jimmy: Mommy said not to wear a Chanel skirt.
Karl: Oh, but Brother Marc does.
Jimmy: Gee, he does?
Karl: He does.
Jimmy: So Uncle Karl, am I demode?
Karl: Yes.
Jimmy: But doesn't my gosh-darn-all-American cuteness win you over?
Karl: No.
Jimmy: Gee Karl, what if my Mommy cooks you a nice apple pie?
Karl: I do not eat plastic, hmm?

Jane (my daughter): Am I demode?
Karl: No.
Jane: I love you, daddy.
Karl: I . . . love you too
Jane: ...?
Karl: This "love" thing is weird. I feel my temperature rising a little.


Imelda said...

I assume this is Jane to the right and she's NOT demode...even by my Third World standards THATS demode. Imelda warned you about the diet coke rotting your brain.

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Hmm, I said she's not demode, hmm?

Anonymous said...

Karl what do you think of Christophe Decarnin?

Anonymous said...


Karl, you've lost it.
I don't know if it is the diet coke, or whatever it is Anna puts
in your drinks.

But you cannot love ANYONE other than yourself.

I'm very disapointed.