Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Le Conversation

Karl: "Fashion is so boring"
Anna:"So demode"
"It needs a good murder"
"No, Karl- it needs a good war"
"War's been done to death....it is so dull now. Russia invading Georgia? Demode. Who'd heard of Georgia?"
"We're doing that already. The thin thing."
"Yeah. Hilarious."
"Mm. An evil plot?"
"Yes, hmm? Fashion is so nicey-nicey. So goody two shoes. They're all so nice to each other. Especially you Anna; the way you speak to people in that ice-maiden tone. They must adore you"
"Especially in the summer months"
"Yes, mm? Cools them down"
"Soooo...evil plot"
"Destroy world economy?"
"Don't be ridiculous, some media people are already pretending that's happening. Marc was talking about it as he hung his new Warhol he brought for a few million the other day"
"Imagine them: "Ooooh we are poor people in recession! Look at us in our grey Margiela coats! Oooh give us money! Give us money because we are poor and can only afford one Chanel Couture piece!"
"I know, hmm? I know"
"Where did I put my Hermes scarf tissue box?"

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Vidal said...

Ooh, yes! Devise your diabolical plan, Evil Karl! This is so Black Spy vs. White Spy.