Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diary of a fly

Oh, my little ones. I have been gone for a while- I am sorry. So sorry. Not really, but that's what you say in these situations, isn't it? I remember when I was "alive" I said that. Well actually people said that to me; but I was Yves.
Now I am dead, of course.

Anyway. Morocco! Or was it Monaco? I get mixed up with the places. There used to be a cartoon with "Morocco Mole" or someone in it. Maybe I could be "Morocco Mole". I could wear a fez.
I was definitely somewhere, anyway.

Karl is friends with a odd lady who always wears sunglasses and has a bob. She's an editor or something. Is she blind?

In other news:
Yves is in love!


Vidal Wu said...

You don't say? I seem to remember Karl saying you liked being sad, so now you like being in love? How bourgeoise.

Paula Pasquali said...

who is she?!

oh Yves, I wish you were my grandpa...