Friday, July 25, 2008

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano. Your clothes hurt my eyes. Please stop.
Maybe Chanel will have to buy Project Runway, and stop it producing more awful designers....designers that create litter.

The 80s.
The 80s!!!!!!!

It truly is traumatizing.Vampires don't wear those sort of clothes. I know.

Rei's actually here with Anna, and they both just vomited.Waltz like a bat Karl...waltz like a bat. It'll all be alright.

So demode.

I'm going to sketch. I think that Prada women is outside scavenging through my bins....


Rei said...

Karl, how many times will I tell you not to pick on new designers?

water said...

Yes, Mr. Lagerfeld, don't mention them!
They got free advertising from you! I don’t know who this person!

Anonymous said...

But...Christion is fierce!

Yves Saint Laurent said...

He makes me sad... He is sad... so tacky.

Ross said...

Really Yves? Really, He's tacky? Do I have to remind you of your last Huate Couture show? I remember in spring 2002, you sent out ugly shoulder-padded jackets that are the reason people like Decarnin make the shit you see on racks today. Go back to death, old man.