Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some young designer

A young designer (or is this Yves playing games again?) has sent me his/her sketches. I personally approve. What do you readers think, hmmm? They're here.
Feel free to send me your sketches, "designers". Uncle Karl will put them up here for the, ahhh, judgement of you creatures.

But if I approve, nothing else matters, hmm?


Anonymous said...

I am no such a fan of this, hmm? It seems they cannot draw, so they make random paint smears on paper, and add some sticks, without so much attention to the girls.

However, I praise all up and coming designers. But WHY do you praise other designers? You are the best, you must crush the lesser creatures, hmm?

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Oh Vidal, if I didn't support young designers Anna would kill me

Karl Lagerfeld said...

And why should we pay attention to the girls, hmmm? It is the clothes, the clothes. Girls come later.

As I've said, I think these sketches are very chic, hmmmm?