Thursday, August 28, 2008


Her smell was not possible.
"I haven’t bought anything by that designer since my interview. There’s nothing about him that I wish I could be."
No. You cannot be a genius like me, hmm? You shouldn't even wish to be a genius like me. How pathetic and human.

By the way, I was very gracious towards her. She just wants a story.


water said...

First, she must back to school.
I don't know “who” she talking about if this news is not linked with Karl. No name and photo can read!

Second, her question is really stupid. Do you know where are you and who are you talking with?
“I asked him a question someone later described as probably the only real question in the interview – are you here more for the benefit of these students or for the exposure of your brand?”

You are fired.

Anonymous said...

This woman is demode, I think that has already been established.

But her method of interviewing is just atrocious. She could be talking about anyone, and certainly Karl has never been so rude, hmm?

Anyways, anything that does not capture your brilliance is not worth reading.

Someone throw her some No. 5!

Miss M said...

The Canberra Times? I don't think anyone in Canberra would even know who Karl Lagerfeld was? Demode demode demode. And disrespectful...

Anonymous said...

Karl. Smoke. How demode! Therfore it cannot not be him.

Not even mentioning, a fashion reporter from Canberra is demode and Karl does not need talk to the demode, let alone nicely.
But seeing as i'm sure it is not Karl, the person who refers to themself as "genius" is demode; only Karl may say that about oneself.