Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"The Dark Knight"

I do not usually compliment the bourgeois "films" that you people-- you dirty, dirty people see at the cinema. My tastes move in higher circles, hmm?
I will make an exception for "The Dark Knight". A film about a man called the Joker and there's a few other people in it as well. What was Michael Caine doing there? He just sort of was there acting like a butler or something. Now children, children of the dirty filthy un-Chanel clad streets, I know Michael Caine and he is not a butler. It is a well known fact that Batman is actually Christopher Kane (the so-called "designer" of that little London company. Blueberry or something). So they got those two facts wrong.

But in the Joker-- well, in the Joker I find a highly likable man, a man of class, a man who I would gladly share my diet Coke with. Can we hire someone like that for Chanel? Does anyone know? Hopefully this won't go pear-shaped like the Oompa Loompa fiasco..

Anna darling, you got it wrong with the whole "Superheroes" theme for that little ball the New York people have. (Why wasn't Andy there? Oh. He's dead, right. I wonder who was breathing down my phone the other day then. Maybe nobody rung me up in the first place. Did any of you ring me yesterday? Any stalkers in the audience?). Anyway. The little New York ball held in honour of the tanned Italian man.
What Anna should really have done is the whole "Anti-hero" thing. Which is what fashion is about really, hmmm? That's the point. To show how much better you are than them, whoever they are. Most of those people who don't want to be part of "them" are "them" anyway, because nobody wants to be part of "them" but "them" needs somebody or else it is a huge cosmic joke. Anyway, somebody needs to buy the Chanel paper clips.

So we know what a collection in the near future- maybe the Karl Lagerfeld one this season will be like, hmmmmmm? With Chanel, I already have a theme in mind, but I guess one can always move around things here and there because I'm Karl Lagerfeld.
Well actually, half the Chanel things are made already. Anna will buy them. She buys everything.

But I might re-do Chanel, hmm? The whole "V" phase is demode now. V for Vendetta, more like, hmm?

On second thoughts, maybe "V" is not so demode. We'll see. I can see Brad, myself. If you like Anna, I'll see you later tonight. Sniffing Coffee beans at 5 AM in your closest? Very chic.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the Joker is a Diet Coke kind of man. I think perhaps that he is more of a Tanqueray, or at least a Veuve man. Maybe Anna can hire him to be in the next editorial shoot.

And sniffing coffee beans at 5AM is only chic if you have been sniffing Chanel beforehand. Otherwise, it is just plain mad. But we are all mad, hmm?

Anonymous said...

Christopher Bailey is the designer for Burberry.

Anna Wintour said...

I do not 'hire' people for editorials.

What a dirty word.

I choose to give them the honor of being photographed for my venerable magazine.

Get it right.

And that shirt makes me angry.

Anonymous said...

I apologize Anna.

But if you are going to grant this honor, maybe you should get it back from Andre. He has been publicly shamed. He is not worth our valuable time.

And I'll... change my shirt.