Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reply to Vidal, NZ, and Chanel

Vidal- Anna is loyal. Look at the Chanel tattoo on her back. She would not dare to defy me. Some of my enemies read this blog, and they know how my revenge tastes.
I think she would be out of a job- she works at that magazine place- if she jumped ship to Prada. Of course, Anna will write a post confirming her loyalty to me soon. Won't you Anna (Yes you will).

I love all you readers. Maybe. Well, I love some of you, hmm? I'd love you more if you gave me plane tickets and tickets to the NY fashion week shows. My collar is ready, hm?

Especially the New Zealanders. How chic. Karen Walker scares me, though, hmm? She came to the Chanel HQ once and looked out of place so we had to remove her. We do this to anyone who does not fit into the Chanel look, hmmm? We have a human-forklift. To remove humans, of course. Not made out of humans. No, that would be boring. Plenty of other houses already do that.
We use quilted metal.


Anonymous said...

Anna had better be loyal. Or else you'llsick Miuccia and Marc at her, hmm?

You love all the skinny readers, which of course, includes me. Tom wouldn't want one of his consorts being overtly... obese now would he?

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. Karl... a blast from the ast, hmm?

Fellow reviewers rejoice! For there is satire to be made!

Anonymous said...

Watch out!
As I told you, this (Vidal Wu) person is sick.

With love,