Thursday, August 14, 2008

Child Throw

Hello wilderbeasts!, Yves here. I haven't written in so long, I nearly forgot this existed (Karl will kill me when he reads that).

Fret not, I have been spending my time wisely. I've taken up a new hobby called "KinderWurf", or "Child Throw", it's great for stress relief and exercise. I think exercise is important, and why not toss little children while you're at it?

Now I know what you're thinking

"This child throwing business is rubbish."

Well, you're wrong. It makes me happy, and very little makes me happy--- on second thought, perhaps it isn't such a great thing. One should never be too pleased with themselves, lest they become lazy.

On another note, you will see that despite the fact that I hardly ever write on here (being dead and alive at the same time is very tricky, That pale man in the dark robe stalks me relentlessly. I think he likes me..), my name is still on the top of the contributors list. Yes... weird. I like it. Karl does not.

Oh.. I must go now, Karl is furious, something about his pencil. Here we go again.


water said...

Yes, he is the furious storm.
A storm made me high.
A storm blew lazy children out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Karl should design a Chanel child-pult for your endless amusement. You can use Donatella's illegitimate plastic children as ammunition.

Ana Paula Pasquali Ferrér said...

it reminds me that celebritys are having so much kids nowadays, it's scaring!