Saturday, August 23, 2008

Karl Bear, a story for children

Once upon a time there was a very chic land that looked similar to Paris but was not.
In it lived Karl Bear, and Anna Bear. There was many other people in it too, hmm? But Karl Bear and Anna Bear were the most chic.
Karl Bear was wearing a vintage Dior Homme suit jacket, shirt, and tie with a pin that had a mini-Karl on it. The pants, however, were by Tom Ford bear.
Anna Bear was wearing one Prada dress, because last week Karl Bear went over to Anna Bear's office and burnt all her clothes because they were demode.

"Your dress is so demode" said Karl Bear, clicking his camera at passing teenager Bears.
"Why am I in a children's book anyway, Karl Bear?" Anna Bear said, as she only has one child- Bee Bear- who lived in a closest.
"Because Anna Bear, I have declared that children's books are very chic"
"But Karl Bear, you say you hate children"
"This is a story for children like me. Children who wanted to be adult bears"
"Do you think there is anyone else like you?"
"No, hmm?"
"So you've got no market really"
"I consult with the bears daily" remarked Karl Bear, in that cool way that the more obese bears wished they could achieve.

One day Karl Bear went to a dinner. "This dinner is boring" announced Karl Bear, and the entire room applauded Karl Bear. Karl Bear got that warm fuzzy feeling one gets when one is adored by the rich and well heeled.
This is all of the story you are getting, hmmm? You will get the complete version, not really suitable for normal children soon. It will be released in about a month. Well, you'll have to buy it. It may have pictures, hmm? Although I think perhaps I may have simply a different photo of me on each page, because I think this teaches children a valuable lesson.


Ana Paula Pasquali Ferrér said...

loved the part about the dinner, can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely photograph of yourself and Anna:

Is giving the middle finger still chic? Perhaps you could have a Quesion and Answer column... ??

Your 387th iPod

Anonymous said...
oh karl

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