Saturday, June 28, 2008

Interview with Morgan

I interviewed a girl called Morgan. She likes trashy television and is studying something at some university. Actually, the interview isn't done yet but I'm going to write up something anyway because I'm standing in the Dior Homme boutique and some idiots are twittering away to each other
("ohhh, i think that is magnifique" "what does that mean?", "oh I just heard it at last night's party"
"ohh great party, wasn't it?" "yeah, it was magnifique" .) So I need to entertain myself somehow.

I wonder who reads this anyway. Morgan, obviously. I need to buy a new ipod. I loaded up the backseat of a car yesterday with new ipods, but it's just not the same as buying an ipod when in a champagne bath. I don't know where the car went anyway. Maybe the ipod is demode anyway. Or Chanel could buy the company that makes ipods or something- Apple (stupid name, hmm?) (I suggested this to one of my entourage, and they thought I was making a joke- can you believe that?).

Oh- revolution in Tanzania. I, personally managed to quell that. People can buy Chanel t-shirts once more. The leader who was such a bore I can't even remember his name, he gave in when I gave him some free clothes. And they were last seasons, too!

Anyway, Morgan, yes. She said she sews, so maybe we'll see a few pictures of what she's sewn?

Love, Karl

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