Friday, June 6, 2008

Yves has a funeral

Yves had his funeral today. I wasn't invited.
Nevermind he may or may not have faked his death, I can't really comment on that anymore, hmm?
The point is: I wasn't invited.

I do not like being ignored.
Heads will fall.

Oh, by the way. As I was walking out of the Chanel HQ yesterday I heard a girl say "drinking Coca-Cola is not very Chanel". She was gone before I could catch her face. Maybe she reads this, I don't know.
But I'd like to tell her that drinking Coca-Cola is very Chanel because I drink it, and well, I am Chanel.
I would like to have lunch with this girl (at least someone can be bothered to parody me when everyone is obsessed with Yves. "Yves this. Yves that".)
If you are this girl, email my email assistant at fakekarl at gmail dot com and we can arrange a time.

I wouldn't actually go to the funeral if I was invited anyway. Not the point, hmm? I hate funerals. All the attention is on this dead person and the person is dead so they can't really appreciate it. All the attention isn't on me.
I think the dead person should stay alive for a little while at the funeral to say thanks to everyone for coming. It is merely good manners.

Yves wasn't that great anyway. I'm better.

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