Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have had it with these stupid people!

So I, Karl, show a collection I designed to a friend of mine. (Maybe we were more than friends, hmm?) . And he was like "I have to say that I don't really like it".
He speaks in italics, you see.

Suffice to say he is no longer welcome here, hmm?

Sadly, I can't actually send him some LV bags because he's not that stupid (but he has to be pretty stupid because he doesn't agree with my opinion, hmmm?)

I just- I just can't stand all the stupid people anymore. And I mean the stupid people who make up half of Chanel's customer base as well. "ooooh, look at my Chanel glasses", "oooh, I ride on a Chanel bike".
I don't need them. Chanel makes clothing for the gods. The gods.

They can all go buy their precious Louis Vuitton bags and eat their food*.

"Love", Karl

*Eating is a disgusting practice. I advise you not to.

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Anonymous said...

Godly clothing has become too accessible. And the very word "eat" should be sensored. The mere mention of consumption is vulgar.