Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yves I'm alive

Hello people, this is Yves. No, I'm not dead, as you've probably heard from our friend Karl. I'll say, life really is more tolerable when everyone thinks you're dead. No taxes, no telemarketers, no unfashionable people bothering you. No hassle at all. Perhaps I should have always been like this?

"Pay me!"

"I want a break."

"What do you mean clean your feet with a toothbrush?"

Pfft... It's all the same, excuses and bickering. Since I've been "dead", things have been much more reasonable. Even perhaps, entertaining. However, it was getting boring without something to spice it up.

So yesterday, I saw Karl scribbling something down on a napkin, and sending it off with an assistant, and I thought "What could this be?". I inquired, and learned that Karl has been writing this blog for you all, and of course, I demanded to participate, and here I am (not dead). Though I won't be writing my posts on napkins I don't think, I'd much rather dictate them to someone. It's even less work than note jotting.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Goo---



what is this?

I see to my right... what does this say?

"Better than Yves."

ohh... this makes things interesting.

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