Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sex and the City, quite possibly the worst film I've seen in a long time

Sometimes, I dress up like the normal people. Like, no collar or glasses or powered hair or Dior Homme suit (although Dior Homme kind of is rubbish this season, hmm?) and I dress up in normal clothes. So I do this yesterday and go to the cinema and bring 20 Francs to buy a ticket etc. They're like "we don't use Francs anymore", "oh?", "yeah, not since 1999.."
I haven't used money since 1976, you see.
So I am having a little bit of a problem, so I just walk into the place where the movie's taking place. "What are you doing monsieur!"
"I'm going to see Sex and the City"
"Do you have a ticket?"
"one sec" (I ring up Chanel HQ, and pass the phone onto the man stopping me from seeing this movie. Do you think they have a man that takes the tickets or something? Surely, nobody would be rude enough to go in without a ticket. I can't stand that sort of rudeness).
"oh, monsieur Lagerfeld-"
"Please, call me K"
"Yeah, K. Like agent K hm? Then people won't know who I am"

I go into this movie parlour and watch Sex and the City. Ladies all around me are dressed the same in mini-skirts, heels and some sort of top. This goes for everyone. 50 year old ladies, 16 year old girls. And one thing becomes clear to me: these women in Sex in the City are more superficial than me. These women are Chanel's customer base, and frankly, that makes me a little sad. It's one thing to be ugly, but quite another to be stupid as well. I could make Chanel protective toilet seats and they'd buy them by the dozen.

I mean, in fashion there's a lot of ugly people. It is the nature of the business.
Ugly people need good clothes to make them look good, hmmmm?

And then, and then I find out the city that Sex and the City is, is NEW YORK.
Are these girls in Sex and the City living in some kind of alternative New York than the one I live in half the year? How the hell can anyone live there? Wouldn't they get bored.

So: I assume the scriptwriters wrote this movie by the "drawing things out of a hat" way I described in a post about Marc Jacobs. ie. they draw the plot out of a hat, the fashion out of a hat- the words out of a hat.
I can imagine them sitting there in a room. "Okay, we've got four women, who shop, who wear expensive clothes, and have a bit of sex"
"do we even need to do the hat thing for this?"
"shit man, no. Just uhh, let the girls do a bit of this, a bit of that...you know"

Oh. And the fashion: it was pretty rubbish for the most part. Chanel deliberately didn't give many clothes to this movie, but perhaps they could've used them.

Yves went too, by the way. He had a great time telling everybody he was dead and signing autographs. The French are used to this sort of thing.

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Kari said...

with all due respect, but Patricia did an excellent work with C.Bradshaw! and I can remember carrie wearing both boots and scarves from chanel