Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vulgar Italians

So. We will not talk about Milan. Actually, we will- there was this dinner Donatella had last night, and I was invited of course. You will remember that Donatella is the one who tries to imitate a Greek monster of some sort- a Medusa with very large lips (one look at those lips and you'll turn to leopard-printed stone). She has little assistants that make clothes in the style of her late brother. I never saw much of her brother, because that was in the 90's. I never saw anybody in the 90's really. Anti-social was very chic then. The dinner itself was very boring, and nobody ate anything. I mean- nobody ever eats anything anyway, but the restaurant didn't even bother with the pretense of having food out. There were two buffets: one marked "FASHION" with nothing under it at all, and another marked "VEGANS" with under it a cross (the religious kind, the one they put that fellow on- John Lennon I think), a Buddha, a Star of David and all manner of religious items. There was also a pear that was made by Julie Anne. If you went outside you'd find a trashcan marked "FOR PEOPLE WHO EAT". A certain well-known fashion personality was found there.

Off to Paris now- where the only vulgar Italian that roams is that dreadful socialist Prada woman.


Mo said...

did you see the models with cofee at dsquared2?

stephanie said...

Donatella as a thick-lipped Medusa who turns people into leopard print stone? lol

Raina is Valentina said...

donatella told me se feeds herself with your posts.