Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Time to serve the servants. And what shall I serve you? Perhaps this invite, hmm?
It's just a little tidbit from the show yesterday. If you were there, you'd have one. A lot of people don't like the green I put in the collection- of course they wouldn't: it's the green of jealousy. Year after year, season after season I simply display how people are. Well, this year there was a lot of jealousy in the audience.

Look, people- you simply cannot have beauty every season. You're not beautiful people. You've all got problems- skin problems, weight problems, money problems. You're terrible and fascinating. You know that, though. You can't stand yourselves in the mirror! Don't you see- the collection was you.
It was brilliant as always anyway.

Anyway, now you can pretend you went to the Chanel show too! Just print the below invite out and you can play "Fashion Shows" with your friend. Put on your best vintage Chanel and walk down the runway!

I'll discuss more of the collection in my next interview with Jules, no doubt.


powpow said...

I loved the green that you put on the Collection. this collection of Chanel was brilliant as always.
People do not wanna accept that Chanel is something they should feel and eat and by eating it, they will not get fat.
This is why the green was the best.
You Can not eat LV it tastes like, those bad drug's that mark is using.
I'm not hungry anymore, I saw the Chanel shoe, So I stoped eating until Chanel Haute Cotour for Spring.
Pouyan from Iran


Okay, tell me: Is this the King and God, KARL's blog? really? cus it seems surreal to me

Vidal Wu said...

ah, the ruffled cuffs, the wonderful jade (a nod to the Asian Pacific?) and the absolute Chanel-ness of it all was really refreshing, and such a well-thought out anti-thesis to this HORRIBLE 80's thing that everyone seems to have magically clung onto for dear life.