Thursday, March 19, 2009

Even Mrs. Wooten well as little Nitty

Good Morning Paris and Vermont. And other parts of the world.

Anyway, on your screen you should be able to see a picture of the above young man. He is pretending to fly or something, I don't know. Maybe he really is about to fly. He certainly looks very enthusiastic about it. You will also not that he is wearing a DEMODE shirt, which is very edgy and cool and hip. And whilst I am bolding those to be sarcastic, it really is the bee's knees. The cat's pajama's. The elephant's weight watchers. The crocodile's handbag. The lion's cooperate suit. The ant's pants. The moon's Yohji blazer. The hippopotamus's' dress made out of bedsheets. Or, as one of my nieces, Belle, might say, it is the sex.

It is the pope and a nun. It is god and Mary. It is Yves and Pierre. It is more sexy than Jimi Hendrix and Cat Power in a sack of Chanel dresses. It is more sexy than Julie Anne making out with her lover (almost). It is even more sexy than Lou Reed, a box of Valium which Anna has drunk, and Alber feasting upon pancakes cooked in Quinn the Eskimo's pancake house, as Donatella looks on- her lips actually bursting with collagen as she purses them in jealousy.

Anyway, the point is, is that the man in the picture is extremely, deliriously happy. (More delirious than Prince converting somebody- finally- to being a Jehovah's witness*). In fact, he may even be able to fly because of his deliriousness- because of the t-shirt. Not that I am saying my DEMODE shirts make you fly. Disclaimer, etc etc. You can always try, of course. But not at home!

So now I'm going to point out that beside you, to the right there, is a button that allows you to purchase said shirt. It may just make you fly. Like drugs but you'll be able to remember things, hm?

In other news- I've decided I want a band to wake me up in the morning now. Berlin Philharmonic bores me- they're just so German. "Ja! Ja! Ja!" they say. Such Ja-men.

*After he spent the best part of this decade trying to do so. He can now become Taoist, hm?

Note: I didn't bother having an assistant convert the young man's photo to black and white. That requires talking to them....and I don't like talking to assistants these days. I snap my fingers at them and sometimes they understand. They're just so simpering and boot-licking. You'd think I was paying them to be like that.


Vidal Wu said...

Bring happy to your life with KARL shirt. Made by legally purchased children in urban China. Be happy with DEMODE.

Ms. Butterfly said...

Karl, people do drugs so they can forget! How could anything be better than that, which causes you to have 'memory'.

Vidal Wu said...

you should so have a DEMODE contest.
people submit their best photos with your shirt, and you can award an exclusive shirt as an award. ;)

Alexandra said...

the above young man in color!!!
scott joseph cunha!

mushroom said...

C'est formidable ! I'm like Coco Chanel discovering KL's creations. Admiring.
Are you the guy in the t-shirt ?

Anonymous said...

You would hate me, but I like your blog. Do you ever hang out with jean wearing slobs? Or get unrefined and casual? I suppose it's better than trying to be sophisticated and fashionable, like some people...

Annie said...

"the elphant's weightwatchers". lol best phrase ever. perhaps you can invent a non-démodé version of lol?