Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Thank You Letter to Fashionista Dot Com

Dear Fashionista,

I would like to thank you, personally, for ratting out this terrible criminal, who is so obviously copying the sacred trademarks of Chanel. Without your help, I don't know if the sweaty lawyers with their terrible haircuts would've found this site! So, let me give you my most sincere thanks.

I would like to remind everybody that copying the Chanel logo is a awful offence. It's simply horrendous. How do you think Mme. Chanel feels when you create those tacky fakes? How do you think all those rich businesswoman in Hong Kong and Russia feel when you abuse my- I mean, Coco's logo? Do you feel guilty now? You should be. You dirty, vile people.

I showed this to the little old ladies who work at Chanel. The seamstresses. One of them- Antoinette- had a heart attack! She is now dead. See what you've done? You've given poor Antoinette a heart attack and she is now dead. This is not very good, because Antoinette was a very good seamstress.

Anyway, thank you Fashionista for informing me of this great wrongdoing! We must remember that it is not within the society that evil grows, but within every person. The single person can be as dangerous as the whole. The magic of capitalism, my dears.


RIP ANTOINETTE. 1899-2008.


Annie said...

Quite right too! We were reading some french literature yesterday in a French lesson and the word "demode" came up. I nearly died.

Anonymous said...

poor A. she sure was a old lady x >> those people steal from chanel, terrible

Mo said...

I say we send the artist to Krispy Kreme and make her eat everything, she'll never have the guts to even say Chanel again.

LJ said...

I hear ya Karl! It's a public offense to copy CC.

I would also like to give my deepest thoughts to Antoinette. May she rest in peace.

xx-LJ from SOS!