Monday, March 9, 2009

Paris II

Paris is almost over, thank Coco. It's all so doom and gloom, you know. People are losing their jobs. Too bad they weren't doing anything in the first place.
Just the other day I was talking to this young man who was telling me about this credit crunch- he was rather attractive, actually. Anyway he was very "Le horrors! I am out of a job! It is the end of the world!" until I asked "Do you have a job, hm". He had never had a job in his life. I think that's very poor form. He would've made a good prostitute.

It's the only thing they talk about here- where's the jokes? (Oh, the joke was the Margiela show. I did have a diet Coke with Margiela afterwards, though. He wasn't actually at the show- I don't know who's designing it now. Some Eskimo, perhaps.)

I just don't know. Who are all these designers? Dries Van Noten? He's a gardener! Nobody knows what he looks like! How is one meant to design when one does not know what one looks like? What about this TAO girl? One imagines that she dresses like an overweight lolita who does quite a bit of knitting. Who's this Ackermann chap? He sounds like a dentist. "Ackermann and Associates" has a certain ring to it, hmm? I thought so when I thought of it watching his show. I went to backstage after and I told him he should be a dentist.

"You should be a dentist, young man."
"No, really, you should. You have the last name of a dentist"
"With all due respect, Karl.."
"Don't argue with me! I'll even pay your fees. What do they go to these days? Dentist school?"
"Or do you need to be apprenticed? I can do that too. I knew a dentist in the 60's. He might not be dead."

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Annie said...

"thnak coco" what a genius line.