Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PETA Pie Recipe

Finding the right recipe for your needs can be hard, but I, Karl Lagerfeld, have decided to help. Over the next week I'll be giving you recipes that you can take home and do yourself! The one we're doing today, PETA Pie, is advised not to be eaten, as it contains calories. However I feel this is a classic, as it really teaches those demode PETA people a lesson.

(Kids! Have a parent help you with the recipe, if your parent was unfortunate enough to have you)

5 Members of PETA. The brunettes tend to do better.
150g of quilted Chanel butter.
8 sheets of Fendi Pastry.
A sprinkle of salt.

This is a rather simple recipe, but the trick is in the preparation. And of course, getting the right ingredients. You don't want a skinny-as-a-model PETA member; you want to juicy fatties with lots of meat on them.

Karl Tip! Capturing the fatties requires quite a bit of cunning. If you put some cake out, they should come running. For interests in being humane I suggest you say to the PETA members: "Remember fatties, this is your purpose in life! A slice of cake on the lips puts you in the pot!"

Next, skin the fatties and start to cut them up. Try and cut off most of their fat, so you get to the meat part of them. A friend of mine, Dr. Lecter, recommends specially preparing the checks, which simply melt in your mouth according to him (Lecter, "Cooking with Cannibals made easy-peasy, pg. 250-251). I wouldn't know, since I don't eat this.

After you have done this, place the pastry into a tin. It's best to get an assistant to do this, as merely touching pastry can transfer the fattie-particles from it to you. Place the meat of the PETA members in the pie, and mix this with the quilted butter. A sprinkle of salt rounds it off nicely. Place one more layer of pastry on the top, and place in oven on bake at 180 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes. When done, sell the pie on the street.

Karl Tip! This works very well with red wine: thank Anna for the tip. Diet Coke, of course, goes with everything. It is the new black.


Mo said...

what drink do you recommend with this pie?

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Hah this is so good!

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in my oppinion this is a very stylish and fine blog :)

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Why NY fashion week is so boring.
I want to see Chanel fall show.
I've got tired of those Americans and their Stupid designs.
Karl is there any way to stop Mark Jacobs?! may be he can put LV stamps on his ass.
Pouyan from Iran

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diet coke is the new black...I don´t eat meat, U should post an vegeterian recipe, thank U

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I don't eat meet either but...
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