Wednesday, February 25, 2009


On Sunday, I did a panel on the Oscars with my favourite bunny, Julia. The results of this panel are here, on Julia's wonderful site.

In other bunny-related news, I'm starting up a bookclub with Julia. It will be held in one of the backrooms of my bookshop. Present an invite to the doorman, Martin. He'll be the one you can't see. We're doing mainly Murakami, Nabokov; and The Year Of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion- it's one of my favourite books. I've read it thirty (30) times- I just say I've only read in 3 to make people think I'm slightly sane. I mean, one cannot design from a mental hospital! Well, Yves did, but not very well, hmm? I don't do mental hospital-chic very well, anyway. Far too much green for my liking. Green is not a calming colour; it is the colour of jealousy, and jealousy is rarely calm, I'm told.

Actually, I have a question for you, my loyal little cold-hearted readers. "What is jealousy?"

I'm quite serious about this question, you know. It's not all fun and games here, at Uncle Karl's Playpen. What is this jealousy thing? I've never had it. But I have figured out:
1.) Jealousy is green.
2.) Jealous is possibly a demon of some sort.
3.) Therefore jealousy is most likely from the middle ages.

There's also a nice button at the side there, very chic, no? It's for buying things with. Things such as my t-shirt. I'd much rather build a boutique to house the shirt in. Maybe I'll do that too. How many of you have jets to fly to the boutique? Helicopters too, I suppose. Thought I feel helicopters are a little low class. They're what the poor get around in. Every day, when I ride to work in my imposing chariot, I see these poor people flying around Paris in helicopters. It is not a good look, hm?


Lucy said...

Yes, jealousy is a sign of being human and that would not be very elegant...I can see why KL would instinctively disapprove.

I have started to watch the documentary. I fell asleep on it but I will try again. I noticed that KL is not as orderly as I would have expected. All those piles of things everywhere, loosely organized, but kind of messy. I was kind of pleasantly surprised.

Mo said...

Uncle Kral, jealousy is what people feel when they realize how much better someone is than they's a sad thing really, very demode

Anonymous said...

Jealousy is green, definitely.
I do have a jet. Feel free to open a shop wherever you feel like doing so.