Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor People

I still don't believe in this depression, or impression, or Monet, or whatever they're calling it these days. But basically, Yohji has explained to me that some people don't have much "money" and they can't buy as much. The conversation went like this:
Karl: So what's this depression thing about?
Bob Dylan: It's about naked people, man.
Yohji: It's about these people, and they don't have money...
Karl: Why don't they have money?
Yohji: Because...they're poor...
Karl: Why are they poor?
Yohji: *shurgs*
Bob Dylan: They got nowhere to go, man.

So anyway, there are these poor people, and for some reason they're poor-- I don't really understand why, but nevermind that. The point is that They Have No Money.
In light of this fact, I've decided to lower (yes, lower) the DEMODE shirt prices down to $35 USD plus $7.50 USD postage. You'll note that they aren't in pounds anymore, as rich people have pounds (see: the monopoly man), and poor people have American dollars. So I'm making my designs available to the poor! I feel so....fuzzy. Actually, I do not. But I suppose a human being would.

I suggest you buy the shirts. Or two: one to wear and the other to eat as you sit at the Paris Fashion Week shows. Email me at fakekarl@gmail.com and my assistants will get right onto you. (Not that they are going to assault you, of course. It's much more chic simply to stare and make people feel insecure.)


Mo said...

this recession thing is disgusting. See you in Paris

Raina is Valentina said...

I'd like to make a constructive critique. The posts are starting to get boring. There were lots of good posts, like the Cinderela one, the passive-agressive Rei Kawakubo one. But lately, I think they lack a bit of ironic humour. I don't know how to put it exactly. But I'm only saying this because I love this blog. I get e-mails every time you update it. I'm not trying to be annoying or anything.

Ok. Well, demode kisses to you Karl.

Anonymous said...

and what are people with euro´s €€€€?? U are lucky not to know what being poor is Karl

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Raina, well, as the most egotistic man in the world I'm not quite sure what to say! But I have just written a BRAND NEW recipe, and I'm sure you'll find it just delicious.