Friday, February 6, 2009

Chemical Romancin'

Hey man,

I wasn't going to come here no more. I was gonna take the high road, and press on tourin' and all that kind of groovy so-and-so. But I just heard that not-so-groovy covers band, My Chemical Romance, is doing a parod-- I mean man, a cover of my song Desolation Row.

That's not so free, man. I don't dig it. I don't dig that at all. You gotta go where you gotta go, man, but don't go trampin' up my backyard.

Who's these Chemical Romance cats anyway, man? What're they doin' romancin', anyway? Who gave them premission? Where's their lightbulb, huh? Do they have a lightbulb? I don't see a lightbulb. I don't even see clocks, or watermelons.
Man, why are these people even making music? They should just go play golf, or some other square activity, man.


Aubri Ann T said...

My Chemical Romance is doing the Desolation Row Cover because its for the movie Watchmen, in which there are many Bob Dylan quotes. Gerard Way is a respected comic book writer, and fan, who they choose to cover the song.

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Are you a PR person or something? How demode.

Sophia said...

Have you listened to the song?
It is brilliant. And yes, call me demode. said...

You should ask Mr. Dylan why he sold his song to Pepsi for a mash up with Will.I.Am. whilst you demode that poor PR whore from Warner Bros (who, incidentally, was just trying to tell you how his favorite band just slaughtered the song that the Grateful Dead had previously raped.)