Monday, February 16, 2009


Karl: Hmm
Anna: What?
Karl: What'll I dictate in the blog today, hmm?
Yohji: Ooh! Write about me passing out!
Karl: But you always pass out.
Yohji: But the girls love me.
Karl: Rei sure did..
Rei: [coughs]
Karl: Rei! Didn't notice you were here, hm?
Rei: I am always here. Lurking in the background. I am behind all you fashion boys and girls, making sure you're buying my clothes.
Yohji: That probably explains..
Rei: Enough! [bangs on gong]
Anna: I don't know Karl. It's New York Fashion week again. Such a boor.
Yohji: "Ooh hello I'm Jason Wu! Pretty party dresses! Pretty pretty pretty!"
Rei: [glares]
Yohji: [glares back]
Karl: I don't know why they bother, honestly.
Anna: Who?
Karl: The fashion week people. Don't they know that they're simply going to be outmoded by Paris?
Anna: It's all so commercial.
Karl: Like that stupid magazine where all those people jump in it. Up and down, up and down!
Anna: Haven't heard of it.
Karl: What's it called? Models Jumping Behind a Bland Background Monthly?
Yohji: I heard it was: "Oh Look! We've got the First Lady on the Cover! Maybe we're Slightly Better Than Models Jumping Behind a Bland Background Now?"
Anna: Sounds like a very demode magazine.
Yohji: You have a magazine, don't you, Anna?
Anna: Oh, I think I do...commercial
Karl: "Vogue".
Anna: God, so that's what the office is for!


Annie said...

Love it. You have returned to form, Karl!

Copycat Sasha said...

AHAHAAHA oh god you make me laugh

Gail said...

hahaha. Comedy gold :) xxx

pomegranate season said...

Whoever is writing this is genius.

Anonymous said...

"So that's what the office is for!"

older said...

hilarious! and true. i hope someone in vogue reads it and tapes it to a fridge

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I loved this.