Friday, July 10, 2009

Interview with Julia on the Couture Collection

Julia (Frakes) and I were seated together at dinner recently- actually, it was the dinner hosted by the Venus de Milo. Dinner parties hosted by statues are all the rage in Paris at the moment.
Anyway, it was after the couture show; after that interview with Cathy "Ohio" Horyn where she kept going "mm" every five seconds and laugh deeply, like a man. She reminds me a little of my father, who was about two hundred and sixy four when my mother gave birth to me. It was later in the night when I was talking to Julia- we were alone, because everybody else had either passed out or died (which is effectively passing out anyway, just for a tad longer.)

So Julia ended up interviewing me about the couture show, and the interview's been posted here, at the Paper magazine website, as per usual. I suggest you read it.


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