Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Letter to Karl

Mr. Lagerfeld,

Do you sell your DEMODE shirts in size x-large?



Dear Trevor,

Because of the high quality fabric we use, an extra large shirt would cost 5 more pounds more than the regular shirts- as we use more fabric, and it takes longer for the seamstresses to sew. We find the higher price acts as an incentive to lose weight, too.



tomorrow started said...

i sense a jab here!

Annie said...

Oh Karl. Je vous adore.

ultimate fashion junkie. said...
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ultimate fashion junkie. said...

low blow, low blow.
but the truth! that's why i love you karl. so blunt.


gl said...

only gangsta's wear x-large...actually xxx-large. that's just too expensive.

anna bo said...

Karl, you are my one true life guide. Thank you.