Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Live Blogging", Chanel Couture

Whilst the rest of the world was weeping for Michael Jackson with their television sets tuned to one of the seven hundred and sixty eight channels that covered it, I and my seamstresses were putting the finishing touches on the Chanel couture. We don't have a television set. We were playing one of my ipods actually- Tom Waits. Cathy "Ohio" and her hag friend from Central St. Martins decided to visit us, so I had some assistants hide the sandwiches and pies- not to mention bacon muffins, whilst we entertained the two hags. They told us about the tent that they'd set up outside Paris in order to save on hotel costs- I muttered something about Brokeback mountain.

We just showed a few minutes ago, actually. So now I'm designing the next collection. The press is no doubt going to ask some questions about the collection I just showed- they're annoying like that. The hags are circling like birds in a Hitchcock film.


Kari said...

so all you have to be to enter rue cambon is a student from central st.martins? Good. See you in 2-3 years.


cuteboysmakemenervous said...

i have some information for you! go on MSN!

Benjamin said...

You are extraordinary funny, witty and just ... wonderful! I don't know if all the other internet-creeps understand, but keep up the good work with all of your blogs!