Friday, October 10, 2008

Wrong place, Nic

So it's 3AM in the morning and Nicolas Ghesquière comes in; and even though Nic might say he likes all that Martin Margiela stuff (oh, he was here a couple of days ago too. He knits.)
Anyway, even though Nic says he likes Martin Margiela what he really likes is Star Trek.
Yes, children; you're adorable, much-worshiped designer is a trekkie.
He comes in with the funny pointy ears and the flattended down hair and the funny Star Trek uniform and does the Star Trek salute.
And then he shoves a stocking over his head when he realizes that Karl Lagerfeld's Very Chic Closest (TM) is not the Star Trek convention. Not even a comic book convention.

So he rings up the Balenciaga people, and they come in their brown cars, with their silly little handbags, and say: "Come on dear, time to go. Have a little cup of tea and you'll be alright".

And then there was 2.

Just my daughter and I.

"So, hmm? What do....people do? Do you ummm, play ball or something?"

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K said...

comic and Startrec conventions should be the theme for your next collection karl! For sure!And i´m sure you´d be able to scout for "authentic" and social realistic models at one of them too...Or that´s perhaps more Margielas lane?