Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fake people

See this.
I'm going to give these people who criticize me in the comments the privilege of my criticism. Lucky people, hm?

One person writes: "I don't get these. And, why are the magnets available in 100 packs? Who wants 100 of these things?"
Darling, you are obviously poor and bourgeois. We rich people prefer to buy things as little as magnets in 100 packs because our houses (and we have multiple ones) are so big that one or two simply will not do. It is beyond.

"Poptart" writes: "I must be turly elegant---I can indeed refuse all of this stuff !!!"
Has nobody told this women that being a tart is so 70's? No dear, you are not elegant. You cannot afford all of this stuff, or any of it.
(And it's "truly", rather than the fairground-ride-sounding "turly".)

"revolution9" who I assume to be a Beatles fan, and one of the tacky t-shirt wearing ones at that who weren't chic enough for the mosh pit and had to stay and home making brownies with their mother writes:
"So a blind guy is supposed to make you consume less?... by purchasing this product?"
Dewdrop, I am not blind. If you do not get the Margiela reference you're obviously..below the audience I design for.
If we revealed my eyes though, even on a mere 2D picture, you would be burnt. Remember this.

"J", who is obviously not as chic as "little J" off Gossip Girl says:
"Either the producers of such crap are stupid, or they think we are."
No my little toilet cubicle, we just assume you're rich. I did an H&M line for people like you-- the poor, the homeless.

Finally, "amiencc" writes:
"A photograph, a little bit of fiddling in Photoshop, and I can recreate this same image, on the same product, for 1/3 of what this person wants. A $25 mug? $40 for magnets? With an image that no one would get? BWAH HA HA HA!!! Who would buy this??"
My minuscule glass of Diet Coke, I would not dare to do that. I have these people called "Lawyers".

What I think is that these women are all lonely housewives; middle-aged; with bad stringy hair and bags under their eyes. It figures.

I am Karl Lagerfeld and you are not.

Lots of Love to myself, hm?


Anonymous said...

Karl, I just need one of your totes! Please say you ship to Ireland. I can't possibly go back to college until I get one.

K said...

That place seems to be a right bitchfest...Full of them discontent trolls. Just look at their comments of other stuff, and moreover- look at what they applaud ...very amusing indeed. I think the majority don´t even get the context of the FAKE KARL shop, and know it´s in conjunction to this blog...How very demode!

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Zohra, yes we do ship to Ireland, hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, when my next pay check comes through, you'll be hearing from me.
Dublin needs some Fake Karl humour right now, I'll spread the word.
An ambassador for Fake Karl... I think I just found my true calling in life.
I won't let you down.