Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Dream

Well hello there, chic ones.
Hello to the vacuum cleaner, the telephone beret-maker, the king of the united group of monocles, the dogs barking down the street (please shut up), the man takes out my old telephones that have evaporated, the doll maker--


Last night I had a dream about dolls. I was there, in the closet that we had in the 70's. Flowers everywhere. Terrible glasses. Hairy chests. That's enough to make a man lose his mind.
But then, in the dream, plastic dolls of the fashion crowd came out- they surrounded me. Little shiny human dolls; with cartoon voices. "Hello darhling" one squeaks.
And then.....and then the DEMODE dolls start to come out--

Fat dolls, ugly dolls, poor dolls. Fatties! Obese dolls! And they come to get me...walk into the closest and...and....and...they melt into a big pile of demode plastic.

And then the big Andre Leon Talley comes in; life sized, but plastic. And he's wearing this hideous Hawaiian shirt.


Anonymous said...

Andre terrorises the chic people in dreamland. He needs to be evicted. Him and his Hawaiian shirt.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Karl: There is a quiz about you and Yves....