Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld show

I spent the entire show observing this broach that some lady had. It was fascinating. I didn't even see the models go on, hmm? Well that is boring anyway. The collection's already designed! It's just a show for the carnival to see.
So I stalked the lady back to her hotel room. Then I realized that I had to go to some silly show with Anna and co, so I flew out of the hotel room and back to the cafe where Anna was.

Then we were accosted by some horrid person from "thefashionspot" (they actually say the name like that, with no spaces. Is their hardware broken?) who asked us the most dull questions.
"What was your main inspiration for this collection?", "What is your favourite brand of jam?"
(I made up an answer for the inspiration: "The NOW, hmm? My fear of being touched! Superheroes in drag disguised as housewives!)
(And for the 2nd question, I just starred at them. Then I said: "You know your website is the worst fashion-related website ever created? It is so boring, so dull.")
The "fashionspot" person turned out like that intern did and started to burble this and that about "trends" and "voice of a generation" and "Mahler". I think she went insane. She tried to touch me anyway so I slapped her and that was the end of that.

Really, have you ever read "fashionspot" articles? They're like Anna after a fridge-full of Vodka. Passed out. Dead to the world. Anyway; don't ever go to that horrid site. Of course, since you're chic (if you're chic) you'd never contemplate going near a "forum". Everyone knows the real dealing in Rome wasn't in the forums, it was behind the forums; in the little exclusive cafe with the bouncer named "Chuck" which I will admit is a weird name for a Roman but he wore his toga well.

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