Monday, October 27, 2008

This is not satire

Rei's very annoyed at some of you people, you know. She's been smashing plates all over the place; how demode. She even deleted her post. Somebody said it wasn't "amusing", hmm? What do you people think this is? An amusement blog?A humor blog? Satire, maybe? Gosh.
This is Karl Lagerfeld's Guide to Life, and it is very serious, hmm? Very serious. I am not joking around with this. It is a serious guide to life. I don't know what some people are thinking...saying it's "amusement". It's bizarre, no?

So. This very serious blog is not in fact, racist. That's a very serious allegation, right there. All we (and it is we) are trying to do is to make the world a slightly less demode place by use of my chic instructions. I have never, ever, made a joke here and never will. This is not a joking matter; life, hmmm?
However. We shall give you one last chance. Please imagine that sentence in my thickest German accent possible. For the tools that read this blog; go away. You are demode. There's only a few of you but if you can't take a guide to life seriously, and IT IS SERIOUS (see: I even wrote it in caps to show how serious it is), you should go look at Anna's little magazine.

This is not satire. I am not joking, hmmm?

Gosh. Emotional whores. Gross.


Unknown said...

whoever said it was not amusing is perhaps the fattest and most demode person of all. if i were an emotional whore, which I am not, I would beg for rei to post more often. but i am not, so I will only gaze longingly through my black sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Karl strikes back!

Who are these people? Out the windows they shall go.

Annie said...

And in the black and white corner, we have Karl! And in the neon green corner we have fat demodé people!!! Karl will win.