Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yves Yves Yves

Oh, it is Yves, and yes I am still in les Alpes Maritimes. We walked after dinner, and there were little fireflies at dusk darting along the garden paths. Then we had cognac and sugar cubes, and watched the sunset and the sky turn beautifully dark. We heard crickets, chamber music crickets.

Go out at night, and look up, it is very toning for the muscles on the front of the throat. Oooh, you are seeing for miles. And depending on where you are, you feel as though you can touch them.

Oh darlings, when is last time you looked up at the stars? When it is very dark, and you are away from noisy, vulgar, grimy cities, you can see thousands of them. They look like Austrian crystals on black velvet, but of course, there are informed minds who are certain they look like little lamps carried by deities. Of course, to people with no imagination they look like …stars. The word uranography, charting the skies, is a pretty word. It comes from uranos, Greek for heaven.

Stars near the equator look so big, at the 48th parallel, there are different groupings and smaller to the eye. And to let people know you have sailed in the Caribe, gush about the Southern Cross.

Ooooh, but still sort of the same, like anything universal, it’s just the perception is changed, depending on where you are and how you take it in. One man’s pashima is another man’s shawl.

In Germanic languages, all but English, the word ‘constellation’ translates literally into star picture. Oh, that is soo heavenly, so divine. Van Gogh loved stars, oooh, Arles is not far from here. The stars are so overwhelming, my lip is quivering. I am so touched by this beauty, and to be able to share it with you. When I return to Paris, I will have a lovely diamante broach made, to remind me how special this was, to share it with you. Oooh, the stars.

Have your driver take you far into the country tonight, to drink in the stars. Anything you dream is possible. And when you have a dream come true, you feel so alive. Drink in the possibility of the stars. Oooh, this is so lovely, and it makes Yves sooo happy to share with you.

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Anonymous said...

Yves keep saring all this with us and we will be able to bring here, to the cities, by our imagination , all what you enjoy!