Thursday, June 11, 2009


i am not a feminist.
some bra burners on tavi's blog say i am
a feminist
i am not
i am a journalist
with my pad and pen
presenting the news

i have ten potatoes
and one plate
and ten gongs

feminists offend me
i prefer polka dots
hug a polka dot today
adopt one,

feminists do not have gongs

and my bra is in tact
they're expensive
models wear none

(are models feminists?)


Anonymous said...

I don´t wear any bra : DDD lol

Becky said...

I do wear a bra every day. Funny, I think it would hurt a bit if it was burning.

Vermine said...

Pecky, my little hole, it does burn, but you can't feel it.
Absolutely normal that said, as previously shown, you're just lacking proper brain connections.

Now, do you feel this one?

Anonymous said...

vermine, you make no sense. you aren't intelligent. youre insults dont mean anything. quit picking on becky. its tacky.

and a forewarning. if you go to MY blog. i wont be publishing your comments. this trip will be for your education only.

Vermine said...

Is "tacky" the "it" word these days? You're obviously damn good at getting caught by silly trends.
Not surprised.

And you can relax your men's pants, I certainly won't go soil my brand new oxfords in your anus of teh internetz you're calling a blog.

Oh yeah, this also. Savour these few days. Having quoted entire paragraphs of my little diatribes will probably generate the hugest amount of traffic your blob will ever be fed. It will then quickly return to its natural biological state: empty (with no one wanting to fill it), dry, bitter and useless.

Ooh fark, you's scratchy.

Anonymous said...

get a real identity. loser.

mj frost said...

it seems to me that people dont understand the definition of the word feminist.
to say that a feminist burns bras is exactly the same as saying a person of some sort of middle-eastern ethnicity will naturally with-out-a-doubt fly planes into buildings.
the word feminist means to be for the equal rights of women. if you think thats a stupid claim then you i must inform you that your ass is not a clean place to keep your head.