Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's well known that fashion has a MACHINE, hmm?
But I think this machine is not literal enough-- it's very metaphorical. I mean, it's not really a machine.
At Chanel we're changing this. We're building a real machine; will gears and flashing lights and all that sort of thing. And a lever to pull it with. So instead of people having to go through this very human process of becoming a tool-- becoming one of Anna's photoshopped darlings who never speaks; we're just going to put people through the machine.
So somebody just steps onto the machine, goes down the conveyor belt and in about 5 minutes they are a total tool! They are ready to be totally used for the evil purposes of fashion. They will do anything we say. They are ready to be a snob. They are ready to be VOGUE COVER DARLINGS.

Bwhahahahahahahahaah. Mwhahahahahahah. Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
(I have been practicing my evil laugh. It's very Germanic and good. I'm quite happy with it. Don't even mention the Chanel pre-fall collection to me. It's the fault of Yves. He pretended to be me and designed it. So there.)

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