Thursday, December 25, 2008

Do they know it's Christmas in chic-land?

Right then. It is Christmas in some parts of the world. In other parts of the world it is not Christmas.
So to answer the question posed by Some Rock Band: Yes, they know that it's Christmas in chic-land. The neighbours have a Christmas Tree and it lights up. Rei's quite amused by this, and turns it on and off, and on and off; and on and get the idea. Well, the neighbours had a Christmas tree-- Anna got underwear model number one to steal it. The neighbours were too star-struck to say anything

We're basically ignoring Christmas though. Would you believe it involves a fat man? Who wears red? Well. Ho ho ho.

Anyway, Merry Chic-mas. And to the few of you that celebrate Christmas...I guess....Merry? I can't say it. Merry's such a demode word. Not a nice, fashionable sort of word.

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Anonymous said...

Who needs to be merry when being chic, rich and skinny is all that matters anyway... noh?

Uncle Karl will come up with a new word to substitute this demode "merry" word...

Until then... merry Chic-mas. Love you Uncle Karl.