Sunday, December 7, 2008

Karl's ipod, no. 4

New playlist off my 5264th ipod, hmm? Just to your side there. Below that glorious picture of me. Oh yes, I love myself, yes I do. And I felt like Anne Demeulemeester when I made this playlist. See if you can guess why! First one to guess gets a free fake but genuine Chanel couture dress. Secondly, I want everyone to remember to love themselves for who they are, and be yourself. Well. If you're name's not Yves Saint Laurent anyway. See? That was a positive message to the kids! Now, I'm supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But I...don't. Anna says Vodka helps; especially with underwear models.

What Anna does, of course; is close her office door and say she's busy. She even has a sign that she stole from some expensive hotel (being a fashion editor is somewhat like being a very advanced version of a bag lady. Anna has never paid for a single thing in her entire life. Ever. All the towels in her house are stolen from hotels; all her soap bars stolen from my bathroom.) Anyway she closes her office door and gets the underwear model to strip off and you can imagine the rest...hmm?


Anonymous said...

omg, u r the best Karl =)

water said...

For people addicted to you and your music, is it possible to put Karl's iPod under your glorious picture.

Every time you are watching me, I can swim in your music immediately. This is instinct!

Karl's picture and iPod.
Karl's picture and iPod.
Karl's picture and iPod.
Karl's picture and iPod.

[Anna is really enjoying her life!]