Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Shirts

These "blogger" t-shirts have really taken off, haven't they? Just they other day I was walking through Collette, the favourite t-shirt shop of Paris, and I spotted a man wearing a shirt designed by Tavi. I asked him why he wasn't wearing one by me, and he said he wore it under his Tavi shirt in case he ever saw me, so he could rip off whatever he was wearing and strip down to the Karl shirt and his Comme des Garcons underwear (yes, Rei really does do underwear). I said to him: "well, your plan kind of failed, hm?" to which he sheepishly agreed. I told him to strip anyway. He wasn't bad by any means. And he really was wearing a "DEMODE" shirt.

Anyway, we've created a couple of of these shirts that the young people love wearing so much. Why don't you people wear real shirts, like I do! I pose that question to all the young people I find, and they say "you know Karl, this isn't very modern." So here are two more t-shirts for the consumption of You People, viewable below. They are timeless. You can purchase them by clicking on the button on the button that says "Buy Now" at the side. And no, we do not do XXL. We will never do XXL.


S. said...

So funny!!

Dominique L said...

haha, what a guy!

and, those shirts do look cool : )

Unknown said...