Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day

This is a poem I wrote for my dear mother.

Mother, Mother, Oh so dear,
Telling me my hands are ugly,
Smoking with your hands so fair,

Mother, Mother, I shall not bore you,
With my childish talk,
And my whitened hair,

Mother, Mother, I design Chanel now;
Yes Mother, I will not talk of work,
I know how it bores you so

Mother, Mother, I will wear my glasses,
My glasses so dark in the night,
To cover up my evil eye from you

Mother, Mother, how is hell?
Is the devil treating you well?
Does he let you play his fiddle?
Does he have the fire turned on well?


PrincessSteph said...

immediately forwarded it to mother cc. father in preparation for his father's day montage.

merci for making me not have to waste any ink on a card this year,

Princess of quite a lot,
daughter of Queen of everything

Anonymous said...

Definitiv mal was anderes als die üblichen Muttertagsgedichte .. Aber es gefällt mir sogar ziemlich gut.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

HAHAHAAHAH. I twittered you

。 。 。 said...

Hahahaa, that's sad :T

Unknown said...

This makes a perfect Hallmark card

Anonymous said...

It's really beatyfull. I see something sad, but I like it.