Monday, February 16, 2009


Karl: Hmm
Anna: What?
Karl: What'll I dictate in the blog today, hmm?
Yohji: Ooh! Write about me passing out!
Karl: But you always pass out.
Yohji: But the girls love me.
Karl: Rei sure did..
Rei: [coughs]
Karl: Rei! Didn't notice you were here, hm?
Rei: I am always here. Lurking in the background. I am behind all you fashion boys and girls, making sure you're buying my clothes.
Yohji: That probably explains..
Rei: Enough! [bangs on gong]
Anna: I don't know Karl. It's New York Fashion week again. Such a boor.
Yohji: "Ooh hello I'm Jason Wu! Pretty party dresses! Pretty pretty pretty!"
Rei: [glares]
Yohji: [glares back]
Karl: I don't know why they bother, honestly.
Anna: Who?
Karl: The fashion week people. Don't they know that they're simply going to be outmoded by Paris?
Anna: It's all so commercial.
Karl: Like that stupid magazine where all those people jump in it. Up and down, up and down!
Anna: Haven't heard of it.
Karl: What's it called? Models Jumping Behind a Bland Background Monthly?
Yohji: I heard it was: "Oh Look! We've got the First Lady on the Cover! Maybe we're Slightly Better Than Models Jumping Behind a Bland Background Now?"
Anna: Sounds like a very demode magazine.
Yohji: You have a magazine, don't you, Anna?
Anna: Oh, I think I do...commercial
Karl: "Vogue".
Anna: God, so that's what the office is for!


Annie said...

Love it. You have returned to form, Karl!

Copycat Sasha said...

AHAHAAHA oh god you make me laugh

The Observist said...

hahaha. Comedy gold :) xxx

pomegranate season said...

Whoever is writing this is genius.

Anonymous said...

"So that's what the office is for!"

older said...

hilarious! and true. i hope someone in vogue reads it and tapes it to a fridge

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I loved this.