Thursday, February 19, 2009

Airhead Soufflé

For ladies who do not lunch because they are simply beyond.

This is one of my favourites. Because it has zero calories, it is totally edible. Great for warming up on a cold day. It's even suitable for vegans: it's that good. The trick with this is to make sure the air is as clean as it possibly can be. Remember, the best ingredients make the best meals! I feed it to all my models. I got the recipe from Andy, so it's in American measurements

(Kids! You can make this recipe yourself! But if you are a fattie, go for a run beforehand)

500g of air, clean.
6 tablespoons of margarine
1/2 cup of all purpose flour
A dash of ground red pepper
1 1/2 cups of milk
3 cups of shredded cheddar, Swiss Colby or Havarti cheese
6 egg yolks
6 egg whites

Take the eggs, flour , pepper, milk, cheese, and eggs and throw them into a rubbish bin. I find a quilted rubbish bin works the best, but throwing them out the window at the smelly people walking by is another option. Place the clean air inside a tin, and make sure the air is rolled out evenly. It's important not to fill all the tin up. About three thirds of the way shall do the trick. Sprinkle a bit of air on the top, if you desire the dish to be slightly more flavoured. Place a CD by Nico on the CD player. Place the tin containing the mixture into the oven, and bake on high for 10-15 minutes. When cooked, the air should have risen, and the soufflé will be done. You can eat this yourself or share with friends.

Karl Tip! The best soufflé's are "made" because of the timing. Don't let the oven door open before you're ready to take the dish out, and keep a good eye the oven! This is the favourite meal of Mary-Kate Olsen, and many other doyens of the New York Social scene.


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