Friday, February 6, 2009


I think I'd care more about eating potatoes if the potatoes had less superficial values in life.
Obviously, I do not eat but it's the "what if" that matters more than the "what does", don't you think? We already know what I do. I do too many interviews as it is.
So the answer above is for if I am ever asked about potatoes. In the summer, I think potatoes have a better run in life. They do seem happier. Why anybody would ever want to eat potatoes is beyond me, I'm afraid.

in the summer
i look at my potatoes
and make soccer dresses

in the winter
i write haiku
which isn't haiku
and listen to leonard cohen

the potatoes are growing again.


Mo said...

Happy potatoes? like Sweet potatoes? Nice to hear from you Rei

Anonymous said...

because leonard cohen is genius? yes.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen IS genius..which reminds me..!!


Anonymous said... the risk of sounding stupid, is this actually Karl Lagerfeld?