Friday, December 10, 2010

Yves in winter

Bonjour, it's Yves, over here, you can see my nose perhaps, the glint of the light on my glasses. I do like to bundle up in this weather. Oh, the fur lap robe came with an old touring car we bought, isn't it lovely? Driving was such an event in the old days!
Where are my manners - let's ring for tea! MERRIWETHER! Oh, here he is, lovely boy! Oh, we have green tea, ginger cookies, and a very special bottle of Irish Creme Liqueur, made specially by a local distillery to honor the chef's 100 days of sobriety, or a collection of tartans. I love that the taste of the cream hits your tongue, then the brandy sneaks up, like a little child putting her hand in yours. Oh, and we had glassware made for the occasion, whatever it was!
OOooh, ooh, look! I can see my breath! Oh, I forgot! It's my cigarette!
So, you look wonderful, it's so nice to see you. I must tell you where we went - to a remote part of Canada, where the patriarch of Swaworski Crystals opened an aabsolute fantasy of a hotel, on an Okanagan lake, it made of millions of crytals, so you can always see yourself, and you are alwys in good company. Oh, and a special reverse sauna, it is 162 below - one only stays in it for three minutes, but it says it reverses aging. Oh, and schnitzel and wild boar for dinner -so Austrian!
So yes, winter must come, but we can make it lovely, can't we? Here, a bit more of the brandy - the local honey makes it good for you!


Jerome said...

Oh Yves, have you been watching Sports Center?!

Hekie said...

You fake Karl!!
How could you write Swaworski!
Karl Lagerfeld would never write it wrong!!!!
It's spelled S-w-a-r-o-v-s-k-i, not Swaworski!!
Swarovski crystals,ok ??Shameless IMPOSTOR.

Hekie said...

Ah, ok you're a corpse.I see now.,Mr.Yves.